Sri M. Vignesh Kumar, Perundurai, India

I had this problem with my only son Deepak's (doing his +2 now) disinterest in education. He lacked the motivation : both to achieve as well as to get ranks. I took up your advice and did Personal Energy Correction for my son : NewAge Kabbalah Numerology + a Seven Chakra Crystal Pendant (Programmed & Energised by you). This was in September, 2004. You had predicted a positive turnaround after 6 months. Today I am a very happy parent, thanks to your Crystal Energy Field. Deepak has done very well in all his tests and exams after that. He now talks of aiming to be among the first 3 ranks ! He takes a lot of care to do his assignments, consults us before he decides on anything important and is positively selective with his friends. It would be only fit to say that he has undergone a "positive transformation", characterwise.

Mrs. Leela Sharadh, Coonoor, India

I have been blessed with a good and understanding husband - we are a happily married couple for the past 25 years. This is despite a highly stressful career for him : he is VP-Marketing in a corporate company. Eight years ago, he fell into a rough patch with his boss for a short time. It got solved within a few weeks. But during this strain, he somehow got addicted to both smoking and alcoholism. He refused any type of counselling or treatment. Slowly it become a big block in our marital relationship. In January, 2005 I had the opportunity to meet you through a well wisher of mine. On consultation, you recommended a Personal Energy Correction for him. I accepted. You did NewAge Kabbalah Numerology for him and gave a Crystal Cluster dedicated for solving this problem. How right you were ! In this 8th month of installing your Crystal Energy Field, I am happy to tell you that my husband is now through and out of both the problems fully and without any sort of side effects. Miracles do happen, thanks to you !

Srimathi & Sri K. Sashidharan, Chennai, India

We are running a successful Fast Food Shop for the past 7 years. Our marriage too has been successful - until a distant poor relative of us turned up about an year ago. Taking pity, we took him into both our shop and home. The trouble started the next week itself - misunderstandings cropped up between us frequently and within three months, it peaked and the wife went off to her mother's place, pleading for a rest. The boy ran off after that. But our problem remained unsolved. On a visit to a marriage function in Coimbatore, we came to your Karma Gallery and were impressed by your range of remedies and services. On your advice we did NewAge Kabbalah Numerology for both of us and went in for Seven Chakra Crystal Pendants. It is now six months since then and our Crystal Energy Fields have worked wonders. We now have a much deeper understanding than earlier ! It is with great gratitude and happiness that we are congratulating you.

Mrs. Shantha Selvi, Thirunelveli, India

Let me first congratulate you on a job well done. When I came to you for my daughter's psychic problem (she distrusted every single member of her husband's family - without any reason - since the day she got married), frankly, I was without much hope. I had tried several remedies earlier, including counseling, but without any results. With very faint faith, I agreed your recommendation of a Psychic Healing Mandala and NewAge Kabbalah Numerology, custom built for my daughter. You had predicted that the problem will fully get solved within a maximum of six months. It's just 4 months now since I took delivery of your Crystal Energy Field, but you have already delivered the results !
May God bless you.

Mr. K.J. Paul Pandian, Ernakulam, India

It was during my Christmas shopping in Coimbatore, on my way to native Palghat that a fellow traveller (in my flight from Australia) recommended you for high-stress problem. I have a very responsible, desirable and highly paid job but was in constant mental strain. A strain that was really telling on my body too. Medication didn't help much. I just thought over only for a few minutes before I took up your proposal for a Career Energy Correction for me which included a Rahu Crystal Flame and NewAge Kabbalah Numerology. I took back to Perth the Crystal Energy Field that you built for me, after my vacation. Having done two levels in Reiki, I was able to "scan" the energy field - it was very good. That moment, I felt confident that I had done the right thing by taking up your advice. My faith proved right, After nearly 7 months now, I feel rejuvenated : I no longer get tensed in my job. I take instant right decisions, take the tasks in their stride and am enjoying what I am doing. My body has gained normalcy and am in good health now, thanks to you.

Srimathi Mahalakshmi Suresh, Bangalore, India

My third son Subramani is in his final year of UG in Computer Sciences. During the end of his first year, he fell into wrong company of friends resulting in severe problems for everybody in the family. His grades fell, became moody and irritative and we almost decided to put him in a good hostel, to discipline him. Fortunately, our family was introduced to you in the last minute. You installed an exclusive Crystal Black Hole for my troublesome son and performed NewAge Kabbalah Numerology for him. Now, for nearly 9 months, he has changed for good - he has given up smoking and wrong links, keeps his peace with everybody at home and has got back his old grades. I have a strong hunch that he is going to do much better than that. Our hearty thanks to you Mr. Guptha and your handy Crystal Energy Field.